2014 Stallion Performance Test

Archive of past inspections.
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2014 Stallion Performance Test

Post by Aeolus » Sun Apr 23, 2017 7:09 pm

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Final Results
  • Champion: Harlem Southside* (101.94)
    Reserve Champion: Sandor Clegane SAND* (101.34)
    Honorable Mention: Fuerstenten VE (all indexes above 100)

    Best Dressage Index: Sandor Clegane SAND* (105.75)
    Best Jumping Index: U Brighton* (116.83)
    Best Eventing Index: Harlem Southside* (105.24)

    And a few special annotations...
    Not a part of the record, but might go in their bio if you want.

    Trainers' Favourite: Sandor Clegane SAND* (43.75/50)
    Judges' Favourite: Harlem Southside* (43.50/50)[/b]

Individual Results

I was thinking about making some sort of certificate for these... would anyone be interested? It would be an image you could display on their page. Let me know :)

Individual detailed scores will be private messaged to owners.

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